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  • Hi, I have probably a pretty unique requirement but I'm not sure how to create the workflow.

    We have a form which the user fills out when they require multiple responsibilities for a system we have.  In the form, I have a repeating table with the values listed in a drop-down list.  For example, Joe fills out the form for himself and in the repeating table, selects two items:

    Module   Department

    Finance   Accounts Payable
    Finance   Accounts Receivable

    This is all well and good, and when my group receives the form, we know to put Joe in both of these groups.  I've set up a workflow that will email these results to the other members of my group, and I have it set up so that the department should show all values, but it only shows the first value, even though there are more values than that listed on the form, as in this example:

    Module   Department

    Finance   Accounts Payable

    My email looks like this:

    Joe Smith has requested access to the following departments:

    [%modulename%] [%departmentname%]

    ...but this result only shows the first returned value... I would like to see all values that Joe has submitted for himself listed.  Is this possible?

    A big load of thanks to anyone who can help!


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  • OK, I sort of have this worked out using the "Merge" in the field or Group window when publishing the form, but the display results are in a single column rather than side-by-side.  Does anyone know how to get the columns to display side-by-side?  I tried using html code to put the data in a table, but the end-result email displays the HTML code, and the results are still in one-column.

    Microsoft MUST know this is still an issue.

    Ideas are still welcome.  Many thanks!

    Friday, February 17, 2012 11:18 PM