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  • I am trying to port to Android some thing I already have in c++ for Windows. I have not been comfortable with Google Android Studio; among other things when I try to run something (for now just trying to run the examples listed in the same tool, or the apps created from templates by the same tool, with no code written by me). It has been kind of nightmarish since I don't know what is the tool doing or if it is doing something at all; it does not tell me if it needs required components and I have not been able to simply run the most basic example. I already have downloaded over 10 Gb in emulator profiles, but whenever I tell it to start an emulator it tells me it cannot start the emulator but it does not tell me why, and the documentation seems pretty poor.

    So I noticed that Visual Studio has options to either use c++ to develop for mobiles, and there is also a template to share c++ code for various platforms, which also include ios; which would be ideal. So I try to create a new project using the option 'basic application (Android, Ant)'. It creates the basic application, and while still not writing code, I tell it to run. This looks too similar to my experience with Android Studio: for one thing it does not take minutes to build, which makes me wonder why does that happen in a recent computer with more or less decent specs, but after the common build messages, it gets stuck in a message box saying 'starting emulator"" / waiting for emulator "(emulator-5554)" '. Kinda like a flashback. What does it mean? again, I have not written a single line of code myself yet, so is not because something I did to the project files, and is running with the things included in the same tool with no tampering. Does it need some component? which one? how do I get it? why is it not able to run a stupid emulator, if I was able to run emulator in development tools from 10 years ago in computers with way less power and specs? what the hell is happening here?

    Thursday, September 3, 2020 4:56 PM