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  • Hi,

    With respect to Health care system, i ve currently taken 3 objects namely patients , his associated clinical histories(ie,treatment given by the physician) and the physician object as given below.

    1. I believe that the objects patients & physicians can exist on their own, so these two objects are entities.

    Note that in the clinical history object,
      A patient may ve one or more clinical histories and one or more physicians( would ve given treatments )

    In this case, if the user wants to see the clinical history or physicians involved for any patient, still the navigations should go from patient to clinical history.

     If the patient's pysician is to be tracked, Still it has to come from patient to Pat_ClinicHistory to physician.

    2. Am not sure if the object Pat_ClinicHistory is an entity or value object

    .3. Though physician is an entity by itself, if it needs to be shown in GUI along with the clinical history, the patient model should also have immutable class. The physician model can also have mutable objects and methods to support CRUD operations.

    4. Obviously , the patient object is an aggrgate root through which the clinical & physician details can be fetched.

    Please share your thoughts and guide me.

    am confused especially with the Pat_ClinicHistory object.

    I really appreciate your comments . Following are the objects for your referfence..


    PatId(pk)       Auto int

    Name  Text

    DOB    Datetime




    ClinicId(FK)    Auto  int

    Date   Datetime

    Medicines      Text

    Notes  Text

    Physician(Fk)                         string

    RoomNo(FK)   int



    Physician(Pk)            Auto  int

    Name            Text



    Friday, June 11, 2010 3:39 AM