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  • Hello, Hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction.  Basically when a new project is created we use the ID value that charepoint creates as the project number.  This is fine howver now that i have set up alerts to email all users when a new project is created it does not send the ID value (project number). Is there a way using workflows that i can read the value once its created and copy it intoa new column on the same list straight away. so that the alert email send the project number also.

    Im aware that the number is not generated until you have finished entry so is there anyway i can do this?

    thank you

    Andy Walker
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  • Instead of using the Alerts, create a new workflow, attach it to this project list, tell it to start automatically when a new item is created.

    Add an action of "send an email" choose your recipients, enter a subject, then in the body write your message.  You can add the fields from the list by clicking "Add Lookup" at the bottom left.  You would keep the top dropdown on "Current Item", and then choose "ID" to get your ID / Project Number.  So your email would look something like this:

    A new project has been created:

    Project:  [ID]
    Created By:  [CreatedBy]


    Note:  the words in the brackets [] are lookups to the columns in the list.  This email comes through plain, but you can use html tags to give it a better look.  Also, if you want to use a hyperlink to the list or the list item you need an html hyperlink tag:

    <a href="www.myHyperLink.com">Click Here to go to the list</a>

    **To get the link to the item itself replace the www.myHyperLink.com with a lookup to the current items Encoded Absolute URL

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