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  • I have already posted a question on Adobes' Forum but I thought I should cover my bases.  When inserting a swf file in Expressions web 2 and choosing the option to 'Play Movie in Flash Format' I get the following after the movie plays and I right-click within the movie object.  This only occurs after playing the movie twice.  The system is running Windows 7 64-bit, Expressions Web 2, Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 11.202.228, and IE 8. 

    <p> <object id="flash1" data="DATA:application/x-oleobject;BASE64,瑢㡴洰甲硺均䕵䙒ㅕ䅑䝁噤汚䅕元䅁䉲䅑䭁啷䅁䥁䅁䅉䅁䅁䅁䅧䅌䅁䄊奇扁䉁䅨䵈慁䅁䅶䵇扁䉷䅳㡇捁䅧䅹䵈慁䉁䅰奇摁䅁䅵䵈摁䉷䅭䅁ੁ䅃獁䅁䅁杚獂䝁䅅督潂䍁䄸睙療䝁䅷睢祂䑁䅉督潂䝁䅫杚あ䍁䄴督㍂䄊奇䅁䅁䅉㑁䅁䉁䅘歇扁䉧䅫㡇摁䅷䅁杁䉁䅁䅁䅄䅁䅁䅉奁䅁䅁䅴䕄ੁ䅁䥁䅁䅯䅁䥂䝁䅫睚潂䅁䅁䅃䍁䅁䅁䅁䥁䅁䅙䅁瑁䑁䅅䅁䥁䅁䅁䅁䥁䄊䥁䅁䅁䅁杁䕁䅁䅁䵆慁䉁䅶捈允䉑䅳睇䅁䅁䅉允䅁䅁䅷䅁䍁䅁䅅䅁ੁ䅍䅁䅁䅧杁䅁䅁䅁䅃䅁䅁䅁䅃䍁䅁䅁䅁乁䅁䅁䅁䅁䅁䅁䅁䅁䅁䅁䅁䥁䄊允䅁䅁䅸䅁䍁䅁䅅䅁䵁䅁䅁杁䅁䅁䅁杁䉁䅁䅁䅄䅁䅁䅉杁䅁䉁䅨睇ੁ䅢䅁䅁䅧䅄䅁䝁䅙兙獂䡁䅍党䅁䅁㴽 ࡲÄR愚ٔࠐ૛⿨ૡ " height="200" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="200"> </object>

    Monday, April 2, 2012 6:58 PM

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  • Heh, heh... I have no idea what that might be. I'm reasonably sure that it's not something that EW did, since EW is basically just a high-powered editor for HTML and CSS, with some support for javascript/jQuery and server-side code thrown in.

    I will note that you appear to have an object element contained by a paragraph. The standard requires that in such cases, the object may not contain any block elements. Since it is impossible to tell what the original source looks like, that may or may not be in play here. But, frankly, I can't imagine anything resulting from that which would be represented by ideographic Asian-language characters. Sorry...


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    Monday, April 2, 2012 7:43 PM