SharePoint 2007 Workflow "Stopped" After Pause Until Elapsed RRS feed

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    I've seen a lot of topics on "Pause Until" Workflows not resuming and staying In Progress, but I have an issue where it does seem to come out of Pause Until, but then promptly goes to "Stopped" without executing any further steps. Here are the details:


    Send a reminder email 1 day (5 minutes for testing purposes) before Due Date. Time is very important to be included, not just date.

    Fields Used:

    Calculated list field "Reminder Date" that determines the Date AND Time when the reminder email should send. Basically Due Date - x (5 minutes is calulated as 1/24/12 which I found on this site)

    Workflow Step:

    1. I was having trouble getting the current date and time. I could get the date, but the time would always be 12:00am. So I found a workaround where I update the item in some way and then do the compare against the Modified date, which has time in it. Close enough for what I'm doing.

    2. If Reminder Date >= Modified Date (i.e. now), Pause Until Reminder Date

    3. Once Pause Until complete, send an email to Assigned user


    The workflow logs the Pause Until information, for e.g. "Pausing for 1.58476816333333 minutes." Which is correct when doing testing. However, when it reaches the Reminder Date, the Workflow logs "Stopped" and never executes anything afterwards.


    If someone could explain how I'm doing this incorrectly, that would be fantastic! Thanks in advance! - Ryan

    Monday, October 8, 2012 8:36 PM