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    I want to learn more about Azure development.

    I want to start by emulating an existing web application in C#.NET.

    I most likely want to present it over the internet as Azure SaaS, to about 30 simultaneous iPAD users.

    With responsive Design.

    It’s more like a work planner then a workflow program.

    Will have Super User, Admin and User permissions.

    • I could write it as a C#.NET WinForm application, because every desktop application can be used for SaaS. Right?
    • I could write it as an ASP.NET Webform? SaaS?
    • I could write it as a DNN module? SaaS? Here the permission structure comes out-of-the-box.
    • I could write it as ASP.NET MVC? SaaS?
    • I could write it as a Sharepoint 2013 Windows Azure Workflow?
    • I could probably not write it as a Silverlight web application because there is no plugin for the iPAD. Right? Moreover SaaS would otherwise not be needed? Perhaps a virtual web and SQL server in the cloud if there was a pugin.

    When the emulation of the original 15 pages web application is finished I want to expand the functionality with 15 additional pages.

    For flexibility towards my 30 users I want to do as much as I can in code, to quickly incorporate their feedback.

    I have 15 months left for my BizSpark subscription ($ 150 per month for Azure services) and I want a balance between time / cheap / best solution!


    PS: If you can help with some links of how to set up an Azure development environment (Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate) and how to deploy in the cloud. A good recent book reference would also be OK! Perhaps SaaS is the wrong word here because usually this is used for thin clients, anyways I want Azure also for cheap hardware and software overhead.

    Saturday, August 30, 2014 7:54 AM


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    Since you are talking about SaaS, you need to have some webform type of application so that it can be accessible to anyone, and if you can winform thing,you have to distribute to that to all users to use them, as they are thick client and needs to run from individual system as opposed to online. So SaaS includes webform, ASP.net MVC , sharepoint 2013, silverlight web App. Not sure about DNN thing. There is nothing like Azure development environment.

    Main thing is that, you need to have VS, VS 2013 is a great option. Install Azure SDK tools, that will enable you to have Azure cloud project , and it will enable you to public to azure website, debug online site.

    Else it is not a big deal, just have VS, develop your MVC site, and then create website at Azure portal, download publish profile and import that in VS , and publish , you are done.

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