Big tables. Loading large amount of data. RRS feed

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  • Hi..
    Size of my xml data file is approximately 100 Mb (100 Mb just for test, in real work it can be up to 1 Gb, I think). Near 200000 elements. I just add a table to the report to list names of all elements. In SQL version of ReportViewer I waited more than an hour for report to generate but it didn't succeed.
    So now I want to try the Local ReportViewer. I used XPathDocument and XPathNavigator to get information from my xml, now I need to load this information in the dataset.
    So, the questions are:
    1. How to load data, got by XPathNavigator, in the dataset?
    2. How to work in the ReportViewer with large amounts of data? I guess, local version will generate the report as slow as server version... or not?
    Thursday, April 24, 2008 7:54 AM