Apps RuleEditor- Error querying Group - Trusted Domain RRS feed

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  • Server Domain:                          “Workplace Domain”
    Queried Domain:                      “Customer Production Domain”Server OS :                                   Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard
    FSlogix Apps version:               2.9.7117.27413
    User Account:                                                Account in Workplace with Local Admin privileges on the server, and access to Browse the Trusted Domain.

    Error querying Group. Attempt to enumerate users returned error 0x80005000.

    Same user is able to browse the trusted domain from same server with AD users and Groups.

    peoplepickerportprober returns: Left out the IP's

    TCP/389 connected.
    TCP/636 connected.
    TCP/135 connected.
    TCP/137 failed.
    TCP/138 failed.
    TCP/139 connected.
    TCP/3268 connected
    TCP/3269 connected
    TCP/53 connected.
    TCP/88 connected.
    TCP/445 connected.
    [Opt]TCP/749 failed.
    [Opt]TCP/750 failed.

    Is TCP/137 and TCP/138 used by FSlogix?

    Friday, January 24, 2020 1:53 PM