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    I am using KinectExplorer for checking the color, depth and bone structures.

    Also I am using KinnectStudio for recording via Kinnect.


    I am shooting a movie in front of a person who is sitting on the bed, certainly including the whole body.

    Upper wear of the object is white or blue, lower is blue jerseys.

    And it is facing front.


    In this case, Kinect cannot complement it as a person, and KinectExplorer cannot show the structure.

    It can recognize a person who is standing with shirt and slacks, so Kinect, KinectExplorer and KinectStudio are operating.


    In this case, please give me an advice for the way to enable Kinect to complement as a person.



    I recorded a movie of a person who is standing and facing front by KinectStudio.

    But it is impossible to recognize a person and show the structure even if playing KinectStudio and checking by KinectExplorer. (It also cannot recognize when it records)

    Please teach me the way to enable to recognize a person by the edit of KinectStudio or some sort of tools.



    I am making a movie shooting a person who is standing and facing front by KinectStudio.

    But there are those who are easy to recognize, and those who are hard to recognize.

    I will try to ask a person, who cannot be recognized easily, to change the poses and clothes, but I do not know what kind of poses and clothes are recognizable by Kinect.

    Please show me if you know.

    Tuesday, August 6, 2013 7:26 AM

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  • If you want to recognize a person sitting, you should make Kinect in seated mode. Also notice that seated mode is only available using Kinect for Windows, not Xbox.

    Sometimes it's also required for the person to move a little before Kinect can track skeleton properly.

    Tuesday, August 6, 2013 8:24 AM
  • Thank you.

    The above (seated mode) was tried, it has not recognized too.

    However, when it was in the state which approached to 2 merters,it turned out that it recognizes.

    The case in the state of having been 3 merters away has not recognized.

    It seems that recognition distance becomes short rather than the stat where it stood, in the state where it sat down.

    Friday, August 23, 2013 10:33 AM