Error 451, Excel 2013, Property let procedure not defined and property get procedure did not return any object RRS feed

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  • This is the line of code that causes the error:  MsgBox ("Row 422 = " & Columns(1).Row(422))

    I am using two worksheets, and am in one that was originally pasted from another Excel worksheet that was created in a 2002-2003 XML format in Excel from an old OCR program. The file has been saved as XLSM and I am successfully using visual basic extensively on the other worksheet which was the first one created.

    I use Worksheets("Sheet2").Activate at the beginning of the code, and I can use MsgBox to verify I am in the proper worksheet. However, when I attempt to print a cell (A422), I get the error.

    In addition, I added this statement: Columns(1).Rows(447) = "HELLO!" and the word appears in the first worksheet, not the second even though ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Name shows Sheet2 as the active worksheet. 

    I added a 3rd worksheet and pasted "values only" data into this worksheet. It acted the same way.

    Friday, July 5, 2013 6:26 PM