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  • I need some help debugging some issues we are having with activesync. To give you some back story we never really used the otg port on our device until a recent release which we decided to use RNDIS. Internally we do use ActiveSync for some debugging and setting up devices or other misc stuff.

    Somehow we've gotten to a point where we can switch between the two drivers, requiring a hard reset to achieve. This is on some pretty old hardware (pxa270)...  Each device is behaving differently. For RNDIS we need to use static IP in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\RndisFn1\Parms\TCPIP] and we see active sync breaking when we do this.

    So we swap the dhcp for activesync and static for RNDIS. But now we have completely random behavior, some devices work perfectly, some we have to plug in, un plug, plug in, and it works. Some don't work at all..

    We noticed that the registry settings for the one that works are filled in in.

    Working but every other plug in




    I'm thinking the extra settings were written there dynamically once the connection was made... I'm not really sure if i need any of those settings saved though.

    Also maybe just taking a step back a bit, I know I'm going to have to research setting up active sync a little. Why does ActiveSync and Rndis settings clash. I'm trying to find some good resources on registry settings for activesync and RNDIS. The explanations are a bit subpar.

    For instance i see that there is a setting called linkage


    But if i add new keys and renamed all the RndisFn1 settings to something like RndisStatic to set up static RNDIS still defaults to using the RndisFn1 settings...

    at this point any help would be much appreciated. 

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013 7:52 PM

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  • Also If any one can tell me about the RAS entries and how they relate to ActiveSync that would be a great help. I'm trying to find a connection between the two but I cant seem to find it. 

    We have a very strange usb stack, where our low level function driver waits for a RAS entry to be put in on start up for activesync. I have no idea why this happens and if its even necessary.

    I'm goign to go try it without and see what happens...

    Wednesday, August 21, 2013 2:41 PM
  • After much testing it seems like windows mobile device center will pop up perfectly fine on some PC's and other pc's it becomes very flakey... I'm not sure if this is the device being in a funky state or the PC being in a funky state now. 

    are there any logs for wmdc? I've searched around it it says there should be some in the event viewer but mine doesn't have any.

    I think our device isn't disconnecting the connection until we plug in it in again

    // this is a serial output that happens on connection

    RASCS_Disconnected: Ecode=619                                                  
    Posting WM_NETCONNECT(FALSE) message, ErrorCode = 619(0x26B)

    If the error doesn't come up, the device doesn't make a connection probably, and no wmdc

    Friday, August 23, 2013 3:16 PM