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  • Cloud computing is the buzz today, with many organizations developing new applications based on this architecture. However like anything I am sure there must be advantageous and disadvantageous both in going for cloud computing based development. 

    A)  How does one meet challenges of using MS SQL database features such as "system stored procedures" and functions such as "Jobs" in cloud computing environment? I believe these features must be restricted in a hosted cloud computing environment. What alternative exists in this case?

    B)  Does cloud computing permits applications that scales in terms of files/physical storage requirements and not just a growing database (for e.g. when there is content (audio's/videos/images) contributed by members like in social networking sites)? How does web application know where is the file located/directory path in a cloud computing environment?

    C) Can a SAAS  based architecture system be deployed in cloud computing environment? How does this resolves when SAAS based application serves dynamic/new domains (for e.g. when you sign-up for a service, that will be delivered to your domain, hosted in the same environment)

    I know the above scalability/constraints can be addressed in a dedicated-clustered server environments, but not sure in cloud computing environments. 

    Experts please fill the community with the above answers that will help many looking for similar questions. Every response is appreciated!!!

    Wednesday, September 30, 2009 11:28 AM

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  • A) MS SQL Server in cloud is being presented using SQL Server Services which support Unstructured, Structured and semi-structured data. The AZURE API provides interaction with the SQL Server Services. now typically you will not be using stored procedures instead you will write web services to access the data available through REST based services.

    B) As for the storage of audio/video/images the cloud computing permits to scale the storage. Typically the cloud maintains the data 1:3 times i.e. the data is replicated in 3 places so there are three copies which are available. Its the cloud which will return the file based on the availability and data nearness etc. so there is no need to know where the file is located typically.

    C) Should be possible in cloud environment as dedicated-clustered environments. Coz the cloud is extension of the clustered environment with unlimited clusters. The service providers are demarking the capacity and storage that you want to utilize. Hence it's not really visible how much capacity you are utilizing. As for the SAAS based applications the software being delivered as a service and hosting the service in any environment be it  cloud could be possible. When hosting the environment there are two aspects to it like you can host the service in the cloud just utilizing the infrastructure i.e. the service is hosted in the environment which is maintained by somebody else. Where hostig the service using the cloud means you are using the platform e.g. being AZURE which provides fabric to manage the data, manage the service scale etc. hence the SAAS service would maintain the data through SQL Services using the AZURE api instead of traditional way of maintaining the data.


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