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  • I have been following/practicing/experimenting with a sample Entity Framework project in C# from


    I kind of asked a similar question at the Entity Framework forum, but no one ever got back to me (several days ago).  I have actually been able to follow along with the project (in Debug mode), but it seems way more complex than straight forward ADO.Net.  I am certain that there is a valid reason/purpose for the existence/development of the Entity framework which is supposed to enhance/improve something.  My skillset is probably not at a level yet where I can see the value of the Entity Framework.  My question is if someone could point me to a link -- or maybe give a simple overview type explanation what the big deal is with Entity framework -- so that I can get my mindset on that line of thinking (as I F11 through all the code sample).   I am also thinking that as I step through the code with F11 I may be stepping into compiler generated code (which makes it looks extra complex).


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