Re-run of query does not return new data from ADO.NET Data Services RRS feed

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  • Given   var pbl = from        OnBaseSvc.PolicyNote pn
                           in            OBDB.PolicyNotes
                           where      pn.PolicyID == this.PolicyID
                           orderby    pn.CreatedDate descending 
                           select      pn;

               foreach (OnBaseSvc.PolicyNote pn in pbl )
                    ....dump contents of pn......

    The first time I run this code, I get current data.     The second time I run this code, I get the same data as was returned the first time around, even though the database has changed in the meantime.   Is there some sort of "Please get me current data" option?
    Monday, August 24, 2009 7:42 PM


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