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  • I have a share (for a folder named public) where Authenticated User (group) has Sharing Permission as Read and Security Permissions as

    Allow Traverse Folder / Execute File.  There is a folder (named user1folder) under the folder public, to which an user name user1 has Full Access.

    So I expect user1 as an autheticated user over network trying to mount a folder user1folder to do a successful query path info

    but acces denied to query path info on share/folder public.

    But that does not happen.  Query path info on share/folder public also succeeds.

    I also tried Everyone (group) and user1 instead of Authenticated User (group) but no luck.

    Basically, on this Windows 7 SMB server, I would like to have an authenticated user, denied access if it attempts to mount

    the shared folder but be able to access a folder under this shared folder to which this authenticated user has full access.

    Monday, April 7, 2014 2:03 AM


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