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  • Hello,

    I am new to this web development area. Actually we have planned to create a form for registering complaints in our organization. So, We have created a form using Expression Web.

    But, I dont know how to configure the MS Access database to receive the data. Also, I dont know how to connect the database with form which we have created in .aspx using Expression Web.

    Please do the needful for me.

    Thavamani Shanmugam

    Sunday, December 20, 2015 1:48 PM

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  • We do not write your site for you.

    Are you looking for resources so you can learn to do it yourself?

    Kathleen Wilber
    BrightWillow - ASP.NET applications

    Sunday, December 20, 2015 2:12 PM
  • Hi Thavamani Shanmugam,

    This is best resource for you:

    After this documentation, you will be able to create that project.

    Best regards!
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  • Almir, a link about a Microsoft Office InfoPath form is not related to the poster's question.  This is an ASP.NET form for a website.

    Kathleen Wilber
    BrightWillow - ASP.NET applications

    Sunday, December 20, 2015 7:26 PM
  • Create an Access table that has the same fields as your form.

    Import the Access database into an App_Data folder of your local website

    Scroll down to the "Make a webpage to input records to the FormInputTable" section of the tutorial on this page:

    In place of Step 1, just create a page for your input using EW

    In step 5 create a new connection string and name it as you like

    When you configure your datasouce, choose Access database and browse to it in your App_Data folder.

    The tutorial was written for SQLExpress database, but you should be able to follow along anyway.

    Clark Kurtz  AKA  HomePage Doctor
    Database Tutorials Using ASP.NET Controls

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  • Almir, entering "Submit form data to a Microsoft Access database" into a Google search, then selecting the first answer returned and offering it as the "solution" to the OP's question only indicates that you either didn't read or didn't understand the OP's question, and that you probably didn't read (or understand) the article referenced. Callously proposing your completely non-germane response as the answer only misleads and confuses the OP if he actually believes your response to be an answer to his question. Obviously, and rather coarsely, fishing for recognition points is unbecoming, if that matters to you.

    Conversely. Clark presumed the best reading of the OP's question ("Please do the needful for me" could be read as "write the code for me," which ain't gonna happen here, or, as Kathy suggested and Clark presumed, as "...looking for resources so you can learn to do it yourself") Clark both read and understood the OP's question, and provided direct, concrete information which will enable the OP to resolve his issue if followed.

    As a result, I have proposed his response as the answer, and I urge the OP to "Mark as Answer" Clark's response, as it is the only one provided so far that actually resolves his issue.


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