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  • Hi,

    we developed an Outlook Addin with VSTO and created also a VS deployment project for it.

    But this deployment setupproject for the OL Addin has no automatic update functionality, or we have it not detected yet.

    Currently when we deliver a new setup for the addin (e.g. bugfix release), the user is urged to manually uninstall the former version. Only then the new setup can be installed.

    So is it possible to generate the setup in a way, that in case of an update the currently installed addin is autmatically uninstalled before the new version is installed ?

    Thursday, December 13, 2012 10:14 AM


  • few options, not necessirly in importante order:

    1. use clickonce deployment which has builtin autoupdate mechanism (which right now has serious bug in it, but it will be fixed in the future, but it will require update of vstor on every machine)

    2. go with current msi deployment but configure it so, that it allows for automatic deinstallation of previous package, so user just installs new setup and it 'overwrites' previous one. There are multiple posts on this forum how to set up this mechanism, search a bit.

    3. go with msi, but develop your own or incorporate existing (open source, etc.) auto update mechanism which will simply overwrite your add-in files getting new one from share, http, whatever. you can look at MS own autoupdater block which was released long time ago, but code is still ok.

    Thursday, December 13, 2012 11:17 AM