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  • I am a C++ developer and never used Visual Studio for my work. Currently trying to setup development environment for Kinect using Visual Studio 2013 and having a hard time. I am not able to use Microsoft.Kinect namespace, or #include <NuiApi.h>, for example, and Visual Studio continues to miss Kinect related libraries/functions/dlls here and there. It is so frustrating ..

    Can someone help me setup the environment? Microsoft documentation is not helpful I have been through many websites and articles but no one talked about setting up environment using Visual Studio especially project level paths/references/etc.

    PS: I am able to run sample code fine from within Visual Studio so installation appears to be fine only the paths/folders seem to be a problem. For example just for my testing when I use "using Microsoft.Kinect" Visual Studio says "Error: Identifier 'Microsoft' is undefined". Reinstalled Kinect SDK 20 moments ago and cannot find NuiApi.h anywhere on my computer ...

    OS: Windows 8.1, Visual Studio 2013 Desktop Edition, Kinect SDK 2.0

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I'm not sure if I got your point correctly but to me it feels like you didn't not set up your project correctly. You need to set:

    • add to include path: $(KINECTSDK20_DIR)\inc
    • add to library path: $(KINECTSDK20_DIR)\lib\<PLATFORM> where <PLATFORM> is x86 or x64
    • add kinect20.lib to linker list

    Please note that $(KINECTSDK20_DIR) should already exist in your env variables list (set by installer).

    If I remember correctly that should be all you need to to.

    Hope this helps.

    Monday, May 25, 2015 8:51 PM