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  • Hi, guys!

    We have an Excel 2007-2013 add-in developed with VSTO 4.0 that is deployed through ClickOnce.

    Everything works fine most of the time, but sometimes on some machines with our add-in installed the following happens:

    when you open the Excel the first time after the system is boot, the following MS Office Customization Istaller dialog appears for a short period time and after that closes without doing anything (you can even click 'Cancel' and this won't cause any issues). It doesn't look like a normal update dialog, even its progress bar shows a generic, continuous progress instead of actual progress.

    This is not a major issue, but because of the large user base it is sometimes noticable.

    Important notes:

    1) We don't use built-in update functionality, so our update inteval is set to Never.

    2) We call VSTO updater explicitly from code by calling VSTOInstaller.exe. Without going into too much detail, I'll just note that we never request update on Excel startup. 

    I have checked it with traffic sniffer and there are no update-related requests sent to the server on startup, despite the displayed update dialog.

    Also I dobule-checked that our code doesn't cause this update (in fact, at the moment when the dialog is displayed, the assembly with our custom update code is not even loaded).

    I understand that due to the specific and sporadic nature of the issue I probably won't get a resolution here. However, I would greatly appreciate if someone knows what could be happening with Excel and VSTO behind the scenes that may cause such behavior (since I wasn't lucky enough to find this info in the Web).

    Thank you in advance,


    Thursday, June 19, 2014 12:23 PM

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  • Hi Dmitry

    Are you absolutely certain that this isn't coming from some other add-in? Or is the information that's blurred out in the screen shot your add-in?

    Cindy Meister, VSTO/Word MVP, my blog

    Thursday, June 19, 2014 6:08 PM
  • Hi, Cindy!

    Sorry for obfuscating the info, but yes, both name and install location are correct and belong to our add-in.

    Moreover, we tried disabling other add-ins that might potentially cause issues (at least 3rd-party ones), and that didn't help, so most likely it's not an interference from some other add-in.

    Thursday, June 19, 2014 6:21 PM