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    Dear robotics designers,

    The society of Russian robotics designers started The Robot OFFLINE WEBCAM CUP - the free Internet based contest - on our society site Roboforum.ru

    Why we a here - on this forum? We are interested in designing not only fully autonomous robots but controlled with MSRS (RDS) applications. We started some little projects to involve in this area even more robotics designers who is very experienced in design robots powered with micro controllers. Here we had several discussions raised upon efficiency of robots controlled by PC vs be controlled by onboard micro controllers :) So it would be very interesting to see how robots controlled by PC may take a part in our contest.

    This competition is an nice possibility to try out your own ability in robotics design and to share your achievements with others without serious expenses for trip in a place where competition is situated and without need for waiting the next round of these competitions.

    All interested in design robots are invited! (No charges required)

    Thank you.

    Wednesday, February 4, 2009 9:33 AM

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