How to overlay an image on Kinect Video RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I m trying to place an image on the colour frame of the Kinect live video. I m able to overlay the image using alpha blending mechanism.The IDE used is Visual Studio Professional 2010. The code is developed in C++.I m not using any MFCs in the code. I am using Direct2D Texture.

    The image used is a bitmap image of dimension 128*128.

    The Kinect has a resolution of 640*480.

    The Kinect has a render target whose size is taken as 640*480 so that it stretches for the complete window. So when I try to overlay the image it appears 5 times because of this stretching.

    If I increase the image size to 640*128 i get a single image that is stretched horizontally across the window with dimension 640*480.

    I have created a function that will create a render target with bitmap properties and size equal to 640*480. This is used to store the data from the Kinect, frame by frame, and draw it on to the screen

    So I think when I overlay the image, it gets replicated 5 times to meet the render target size.

    By default the image is placed at the left top position.

    My doubts are:

    •  How can I use different functions to specify the size of render target for Kinect as 640*480 and the size of render target for bitmap image as 128*128.
    • How to I give overlay or place the image on the live video at a specific location.

    Thankx a ton in advance.



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  • Your issue is about DX? DX is not suitable here.

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  • Hi Vivekmk,

    Based on your description, your issue is about Kinect, so I will move the thread to General Discussion—Kinect for Windows SDK .

    Thanks for your understanding.


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  • In the sdk their is a sample in v1.6 for having a picture taken with in front of a green screen with a specific picture in it called "green screen" I think. It should be close enough that you can modify it without going through major code changes.

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