How did VS2015 ever make it through QA?

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  • I've been forced to work with VS2015 since the beginning of the year due to a management decision. And even after 3 major upgrades, it's still an atrocity.

    We've got a moderately sized solution (33 projects) and little in terms of fancy addons or whatever, mostly just TFS and ReSharper. Yet the list of issues encountered on a daily basis - literally burning up hours of what could be time spent on development - is vast. I'll name a few examples:

    • It's a memory hog. Update 3 disabled the low memory warning - it usually appeared for me while OPENING the solution, not yet having done anything - but did otherwise little to adress the issue. This leads to frequent crashes and - even worse - slowdowns.
    • The UI in general is constantly unresponsive. A variety of actions, many of which seem harmless, cause the application to freeze. Incomprehensible prompts are displayed (the selection is being formated?), maybe a little black banner informs me that VS is doing SOMETHING. And then it disappears. And then it's shown again. And back and fourth a few more times. And then VS crashes. Way to go.
    • Edit and Continue ceased working almost completely in our project . It still occasionally works in some contexts, but by and large, either VS crashes/freezes or it informs me of a supposed code error that does not exist.
    • Unloading Solutions is unreliable and IF it works, incredibly slow. It's much faster killing VS through the task manager and restarting.
    • Changing configurations (ex. Debug->Release) is unreliable and slow (and often crashes VS).

    These are probably the biggest issues, but there's a long list of smaller ones as well.

    Some of those can probably put blame the structure of our project, but then again, none of the things listed above were issues in VS2013.

    How can a company the size of Microsoft ship such a piece of garbage? If I, as a run-of-the-mill developer in an unimportant company in the middle of nowhere, were to release my code in such state, I'd be in some trouble. Yet it's a-ok for the giant company that produces the software we use to develop ours?

    Wednesday, June 22, 2016 7:30 AM

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  • Hi rezaf,

    Just to make this issue clearly, do you mean that you got those issues after you installed the update 3 RC for your VS2015?

    Since it is just the RC version, if possible, I suggest you use the VS2015 update 2 before the update 3 RTM is released. 

    Of course, if you got any feedbacks for RC version, you can submit this feedback to Microsoft Connect feedback portal:,Microsoft engineers will evaluate them seriously. Thanks for your understanding.

    In addition, I remember that some members also met the performance issue during using the TFS or third party tools, so if possible, you could disable the connection with the TFS and the ReSharper tool, check it again. At least, we could know that whether it is related to the add-ins/extension tools or others.

    Best Regards,


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    Monday, June 27, 2016 6:44 AM
  • For clarification, I was indeed running VS2015 Uprade 2 (just now running the installer for Update 3) - not the release candidate of U3.

    Those issues have plagued VS2015 since day one and haven't been resolved since.

    Things have improved a slight bit - the application crashes less often and waiting windows are somewhat less frequent, but it's still pretty painful to use.

    It's true that TFS and/or ReSharper might play a role, but since VS2013 dealt with both just fine and identical versions of those external applications suddenly started causing problems in VS2015...

    Tuesday, June 28, 2016 1:24 PM
  • Hi,

    In my opinion microsoft has a problem in general with the quality of their software.

    See VS 2015

    See the windows10 explorer (and related like the Desktop-slideshow etc)

    See the OneDrive web-application

    See the forums here (every couple of months not working at all for some days)

    See WindowsUpdate and the problems users have (boot-loops, changed settings, slow start etc)


    (Slightly OT: And also see the design of current sw, unfriendly looking, not colorful, simply not looking good when you need to work with it for hours each day...)

    For me it seems they are currently destroying everything that was good. Its no fun anymore to work with windows (as it was with XP or Win 7).

    What I do is to use VS 2015 when I have to, but stay with 2010 Express version when I can and also use Linux as often as I not need to use Windows.



    Wednesday, June 29, 2016 1:12 AM
  • When I began learning programming, we had to put our programs onto punch cards; have you heard of them? We had to use a machine that punched holes into cards and the holes or no hole represented a bit. A column of holes was a character.

    The computers were so slow that sometimes we had only one chance per day to test our program.

    I think you don't appreciate everything that Visual Studio does do.

    Sam Hobbs

    Wednesday, June 29, 2016 4:35 AM