Packaging apps via CI server


  • We have our app building inside of a continuous integration server for internal beta testing and distribution, and I'd like to extend that capability to include building actual appxupload packages for our store Beta and store releases.  It is clear I need to make sure the Package.StoreAssociation.xml file is set up correctly for this to happen within the build server, but what isn't clear to me is what fields in the xml file are really necessary to be changed, or what they should line up as.  For instance, I'm pretty sure that the things under ProductReservedInfo are required, and line up to the ID reserved name for the app.  That much is straightforward.  But what about AccountPackageIdentityNames?  That seems to be a list of other apps in our publication list--is that even necessary to building the package.  The other question marks are the entries under BundleInfo. There are four of them in our case, but only one of them specifies "ARM"; though, all of them specify a PackageMaxArchitectureVersion. What is the meaning of PackageMaxArchitectureVersion, and does it need to line up directly with something else?

    Thanks for any guidance you can give.

    Peter D.

    Thursday, February 19, 2015 8:07 PM