Crowdfunding for a Windows Store App within an app

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  • I'm developing for over 4 month now a Windows Store App like LightSwitch but for Window Store Apps.

    You are able to select data model, design templates, view the pages within the app itself (emulator) and export the result as a MVVM (PRISM) Visual Studio 2013 solution.

    I want to release the app within the next 2-3 weeks.

    But what is the best way for selling this app and what is allowed?
    My target group for this first shot will be Windows Store Developer. Later also designer and project manager.
    Later I want to integrate Azure to share projects between developer, designer and POs.

    Everything is template based, so that I can update later via Azure the templates for XAML or HTML5 VS Solutions. Also WP solutions, maybe also Xamarin solutions.

    But after 4 months (12 hours/day) I have to do a break now.

    I don't want to earn only the money I've invested. I also want to get money for the support and the evolvability.
    So the one-time-payment like Microsoft offers is not the ideal way.

    So I'm thinking of selling the app on the basis of a subscription. There are third party payment companies called Lotaris.

    I have developed 20, 30 and more functionalities (POCs) but at least now only a few parts implemented in the app.
    Before going further I want to relase a first shot to see, if I'm a manic and nobody is interessed.

    So I've the idea to freeze the development, release this full working application and use this Status Quo to get more Money ala crowdfunding.

    Has anybody any experience with this?

    Tuesday, December 3, 2013 4:37 PM