When consuming the BizTalk Published WCF service it is generating the "Specified" field for all the data fields RRS feed

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  • Hi there, 

    I have very complex Schema that i am exposing as WCF service. 

    When .Net application consumes the service they are generating "Specified" Boolean fields in the reference. 

    Even though the data has been populated by the .Net client application it is not hitting the IIS as the "Specified" fields are by default "false" which is not letting the data transmit over the wire. 

    I have around 500 fields, It is really tedious for .NET application to set those 500 "Specified" fields to "true" . 

    Please advice, if there is a way to solve the problem by not setting each and every "Specified" property to "true" on the client side.

    Thanks & Regards venu 0027743677000

    Wednesday, May 30, 2018 2:03 PM


  • I found the solution to the problem. 

    When we have the minOccurs to "0" on the simple types then any .NET client consumes the service they will get all these "Specified" fields for each [DataMember]. 

    If you would like to avoid generating "Specified" Boolean fields then you have remove the minOccurs =0. When you remove it by default minOccurs is 1. 

    If you would like to have the fields nullable then set the Nullable to "true".

    Thanks & Regards venu 0027743677000

    Wednesday, May 30, 2018 8:35 PM