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    I have a vb6 COM component that's registered in a COM+ application.  I'm getting an object required error when I tried to instantiate it.  I can see that I'm able to call this object (different methods) elsewhere in my classic asp pages. 

    Thinking that maybe the error is in a component that my vb6 COM component is trying to call, I tried setting a breakpoint on the method that's giving me the "object required" error.  I then step through my classic asp code and I don't  hit my breakpoint but still get the object required error.  I have been able to successfully debug like this before at least on my Windows XP box (I'm running this test in Vista).

     I then tried a .VBS file that calls the same method and voila, I hit the breakpoint in my vb6 ide.  

     So, it looks to me like there's a problem in my registry and the server.createobject is trying to call a "bad" copy of my com+ component.  So do server.createobject and createobject use different registry entries to determine which version of a com component to call?

     What makes it even stranger, is that either way I call the method of the com object that's failing via the createobject in a vbs or via the server.createobject in an asp page, I see the objects get instantiated in my COM+ application.  However, when I'm running the object in the vb6 ide, I hit the breakpoint when running it via createobject, but not when running it via server.createobject.


    Tuesday, January 20, 2009 8:31 AM


  • User331978556 posted

     I had forgotten to set the Intrinsic IIS property to true on the COM object.

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    Tuesday, January 20, 2009 9:29 AM