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    Hello all,


    I have been to the VSTO forum to inquire about developing an application that invokes an excel template. The link to the discussion is found here:




    Here is my scenario, I am fetching an XML data (using a web service) provided through an intranet at my company. I will need to develop an web application with several web forms that allows the user to input selections that will filter the incoming xml data. After clicking on a control, the web form will then filter the XML data and put the resulting data set from XML into an existing excel template that I developed. Once the data has been placed into excel, the code that is used to build the excel template will further filter any more data based on the user selections. After the output data has been set, the file is sent back to the client.


    However, if you have skimmed through the discussion I had on VSTO, it was recommended that I do not go with VSTO due to the fact that my application is made separate from an office application, and that all I am doing is invoking excel templates and office components. I want to develop an excel template using Visual Studios, not VBA. The web form should invoke a selectable excel template to choose from, and fill the template with data. One template should be a relational view, another has calculations using inherent excel math formulas, and another uses a pivot tables. All have the ability to create a chart.


    I also would like to invoke an outlook program, or something similar, that can send the excel file via e-mail. And the ability for clients to send notes/feedback to the server about the application and about the data set.


    My code is in visual basic, I used .NET 2.0 framework with Visual Studios 2005 professional, and Microsoft Office 2003.


    I would like tips, some direction, books that would be helpful, and useful examples relevant to my problem space. I have been having trouble finding something that fit my needs. I seriously thought VSTO would help me, but the add-in for a front end office application is not what I need. However, it is very useful when talking about interops.

    Thursday, July 24, 2008 1:30 PM

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  • Have you looked at Excel Services?
    Wednesday, July 30, 2008 10:16 PM



    That is actually very interesting, this seems like very nice solution I could use. However, I do not have sharepoint 2007. If the project I am working on was started one year from now, this would be a possible solution, but right now im far deep into using visual studios that I can not make the change so easily. I will keep this in mind in for future projects. Thanks for this though!!

    Monday, August 4, 2008 2:16 PM