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  • Hi Guys

    Excuse my ignorance pretty new to this but really enjoying learning to program apps

    I want to use my 8" win8.1 tablet as a remote for my media centre PC. there are many apps that do remotes but none I can find that allow you to use custom buttons and designs

    basically my media center pc is on my homegroup and I have a server listening which has an IP address and port for it

    I want to be able to press a button  in my app and it send a keypress (say CTRL + A) to the pc on my homegroup thus doing something in my media centre

    I understand I need something on my PC listening and something on my tablet sending the command but not sure if I can use the one im running at the moment (AIO Remote for android) or if i need to write both client side and server side

    Does anyone know of any tutorials or samples around that can start me off on this

    I hope i have explained what i am trying to achieve clearly

    Any help apprecoiated


    Sunday, January 5, 2014 10:10 AM


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