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  • My ad agency is creating custom USB drives with explanatory files for a client.

    We want each folder in the USB drive to have a custom icon which we designed.

    No problem for Macs—the icon resource is embedded in the folder metadata.

    For Windows, however, the custom icon is not embedding into the folder on the USB drive. The folders are drawing the .ico resource from the local PC. We tried putting all the .ico files on the USB drive, hiding them, and then making sure that the thumb drive's folders were looking to the .ico file on the drive itself.

    However, this doesn't work reliably. When we put the USB drive into another Windows machine, the icons are defaulting to generic icons.

    Whatever solution we come up with has to work on a variety of Windows platforms, from XP, Vista, to 7.

    I've read sites that recommend putting an auto run file on the drive, but that only addresses a custom icon for the thumb drive itself, not folders on the drive.

    Can anyone help? We're up against a deadline. Thank you!
    Wednesday, February 8, 2012 7:05 PM