Form filtering not working - including duplicated value RRS feed

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  • Hi Folks -

    I have a forum that is made up of (2) sub forms. 

    Sub Form 1 is linked to a SharePoint list and displays multiple columns & values. The Share point list is connected to a user based Change Request Power Apps form that is used to submit change requests for metadata.

    Sub Form 2 is a form linked to Sub Form 1 that the data element selected in Sub Form 1 and all the relevant attribute setting as they are now (how they exist in the target application(s)).  This way, the data steward can understand what the current data looks like and what the user wants to update/change it to.

    However, i'm having an issue with a filter.  On the main form I have a filter on it that is as follows:

    (ChangeExistingPFP.[Change Status] IN ("Pending"))

    However, if I have duplicate entries (where the user has submitted more than 1 CR for 1 single data element), it is picking up the first occurrence of that data element even if the "Change Status" value is NOT Pending.

    For instance:

    ID,PFP Code,N_Parent_Node,N_Direct_Flag,N_Pass_Through,N_PFP_Status,
    672,PFP-A1159900,PFI-00654-10231,DIRECT,False,Active,Stability Study,Complete
    674,PFP-A1159900,PFI-00654-10231,DIRECT,False,Active,Stability Study,Pending

    My form is picking up the data element with a "Change Status" of "Complete" instead of "Pending".  Why is this?

    Monday, March 18, 2019 12:24 AM