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    I have been debugging a project and creating dumps using Procdump. While looking for the the real cause of my error, I found out there is quite a lot of 0xe0434f4e exceptions thrown out of KERNELBASE (used -b and -g flags). After investigating the dumps in WinDBG i found out that those exceptions are probably caused by System.Threading.

    There isn't a lot of sources about the exception, I found one of those stating:

    " #define EXCEPTION_HIJACK  0xe0434f4e    // 0xe0000000 | 'COM'+1

    EXCEPTION_HIJACK is thrown by CLR as part of the process of suspending threads for garbage collection. It's raised to help resume execution after a suspension."  I am sorry about not including source, however I can't post links yet.

    Can someone please tell me whatever is this exception indeed the part of the design and can't be circumvent by the developers or is it real exception caused by threading problems? It is quite annoying to have so many of those inside the project while trying to debug.


    Monday, July 23, 2018 11:59 PM

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