SAP adapter giving the merged result set (First RFC call data + Second RFC call data) for second RFC call RRS feed

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  • I have a WCF Adapter service to call a SAP RFC. When I call the RFC first time, it gives me correct no of result set but when I call this RFC second time immediately after first call, it gives me merged result set (First Result set + Second Result Set).

    e.g. We have a RFC which receives vendor number and blank object of result set as parameter and gives back the list of purchase orders as Response in object of result set for that vendor.

    Suppose, we have a vendor "a" and vendor "b". For vendor "a" there are 5 purchase orders and for vendor "b", we have 4 purchase orders in SAP. When I call the WCF adapter service for this RFC for vendor "a", it gives me 5 purchase orders. Immediately after first call, when I call WCF service for vendor "b", it gives me 9 (5+4) purchase order records which is wrong.

    In brief, one RFC call is affected by its previous call.

    For each new WCF request, a new object of result set is created, connection is opened, rfc is executed and connection is closed.

    Can anybody have any idea on this?


    Thanks, Nishant Gupta

    Wednesday, September 3, 2014 1:00 PM

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