Setting EdiIntAS.MessageId and avoiding error validating the MIC value returned in the MDN RRS feed

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  • I am trying to use EdiIntAS.MessageId to be able to link incoming MDNs to their original documents, and found that setting the EdiIntAS.MessageId field (in an orchestration) to the string representation of a unique identifier causes the following error when receiving the MDN:

    "The AS2 Decoder failed processing when validating the MIC value returned in the MDN. Details of the MDN message are as follows: AS2-From:"xxxfrom" AS2-To:"xxxTo" MessageID:"" OriginalMessageID:"<527b8845-8f9a-482e-a8d6-851b29a2a9db>"".

    Additionally, the AS2 Status Report would show "Processed - MDN Pending". After setting the field to a value of the form "<{Server}_{guid}>" the AS2 Decoder didn't fail when validating the MDN and I got an "Acknowledged - Processed" status. Regards.

    C#/BizTalk 2010 Developer
    Friday, May 27, 2011 8:17 PM