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    I am trying to update just the 'Comments' property in ASP. NET MembershipUser and want to leave all other property untouched. Here is my codes

    MembershipUser userComments = Membership.GetUser(sUserName);
    userComments.Comment = "Need Change Password";

    It throws an expection 'The E-mail supplied already exists in the database for the application' at Membership.UpdateUser(userComments);

    How can I just update only the 'Comments' without changing emails or any other properties?

    Monday, April 27, 2020 7:33 PM

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    Hi shajigeorge,


    It seems like the exception should be thrown by Membership.CreateUser() rather than UpdateUser().

    The UpdateUser method will only throw ArgumentNullException and the CreateUser method will be able to give a MembershipCreateUserException which contains MembershipCreateStatus Enum. In the enumeration, you could find below code and status.

    DuplicateEmail	7	
    The email address already exists in the database for the application.
    DuplicateProviderUserKey	10	
    The provider user key already exists in the database for the application.
    DuplicateUserName	6	
    The user name already exists in the database for the application.
    InvalidAnswer	4	
    The password answer is not formatted correctly.
    InvalidEmail	5	
    The email address is not formatted correctly.
    InvalidPassword	2	
    The password is not formatted correctly.
    InvalidProviderUserKey	9	
    The provider user key is of an invalid type or format.
    InvalidQuestion	3	
    The password question is not formatted correctly.
    InvalidUserName	1	
    The user name was not found in the database.
    ProviderError	11	
    The provider returned an error that is not described by other MembershipCreateStatus enumeration values.
    Success	0	
    The user was successfully created.
    UserRejected	8	
    The user was not created, for a reason defined by the provider.


    Could you please share the detailed error/exception message? 


    Moreover, if you are using forms authentication with membership, I suggest you use ASP.NET Identity. According to Microsoft, the former ASP.NET Membership has been replaced with ASP.NET Identity.


    Hope this can help you.

    Best regards,


    Wednesday, April 29, 2020 9:44 AM