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  • Hi,

    Is there something similar to LoadOperation but for saving data to the domain services?

    We use LoadOperation for retrieving data, when the data is retrieved we assign the data to the control. That is find. Eg,

    Dim _loRetrieve As LoadOperation(Of edmSchoolSystemNS.lkm_school_system) = _ctxSchoolSystem.Load(_ctxSchoolSystem.FetchQuery(_selectedSchoolSystem.lks_id))
    AddHandler _loRetrieve.Completed, AddressOf ctxSchoolSystemRetrieveCompleted

    Now we want to have something like SaveOperation to determine when the data is saved (eg, ctx.SubmitChanges), then we can retrieve the data and populate to the grid.

    Is it possible? Or is there another way of doing it?

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009 2:07 AM


  • The SubmitOperation is the one you're looking for (not that intuitive  ;-)

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009 2:38 AM