[Windows 8.1] AntiVirusStatus and AntiVirusSignatureStatus in the "DM device security status" RRS feed

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  • In the "DM device security status" section in "Windows 8.1 Enterprise Device Management Protocol Document (December, 2014 version)", on P.84, there is a table list categorized in "Feature" and "Description".

    Document: file:///Users/handa/Downloads/Windows%208.1%20Enterprise%20Device%20Management%20Protocol%20(3).pdf

    For both AntiVirusStatus and AntiVirusSignatureStatus features (i.e. classes), the descriptions are incorrect (it says "Returns if Bluetooth is enabled on the device." and "Returns if WiFi is enabled on the device" respectively). 

    We would like to know what are the correct values which can be read through these classes (i.e. AntiVirusStatus and AntiVirusSignatureStatus features).

    Does anyone know?

    Friday, January 9, 2015 10:40 AM