create custom task forms in SP Designer 2013 in SP 2013 SP1


  • using the below link, i have created a leave request approval workflow in my sp 2013 sp1 platform using sp d 2013.

    but i am stuck with an issue . when i received the pending with manager approval as the workflow status and i clicked on the link

     its navigates to the the page http://srvr1:2468/sites/DDEV/_layouts/15/wrkstat.aspx?List=9088b3ca-93cb-4768-b5a6-9ba92e2ece7d&WorkflowInstanceName=2282ac19-59bf-4163-91a2-8b79f7d2c83d 

    page and it shows me the link to click for taking action.

    but how can i create a custom form for approval where i can have my own approve, reject buttons .

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