when is the origanal xbox server going to be activated four xbox live user's that have their old xbox game's still. RRS feed

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  •        hi my name is Liam maybe of herd of me as Liam121a on Microsoft flight simulator x filing flight plan's barn storming on Cessna Sunday with the rest of the group and admin on that game on the direct server's and their calendar of event's and server holiday's. well i am a long time user of Xbox live and i watchdog my own Equipment and technoigee at my apartment i play chess on www.chess.com anyway i would like too know 4 thing's is dating coming to netflex app two is first Xbox server's and game's coming back if they decide to shutdown the 360 and Xbox 1 server's one day because of hacking moding and glitching of the Xbox domain technoigee. 3 i would like too know as a grade 12 graduate if the film indrusty is going to stop wasting tax payer's dollar's on both side's of the border on half down film related video game and film related video game's four the Xbox 1 the PlayStation's and the Xbox 360 and all major console's and 4 i would like too know why Microsoft developer's are faseing out all support page's four Xbox live and the website's they control including suceritee proof's too to open up the system to hacker like lizzard crew member's that are still at large and their friend's around the globe getting ready four their next hack event.

    Sinserly I aka Pennywise Salt a concerned avid game's movie and someone the like bush's baked bean's from Kyle bush and his TV ad that i would like too see in Canada again on TV because it was a enjoyable add too to watch.

    Liam Wuthrich

    Tuesday, September 8, 2015 4:33 AM