Azure python SDK for azureml.core machine learning service question about the PipelineData class RRS feed

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  • I've created a PipelineData object pipelineoutput that accepts a reference to my data store in my workspace. I pass this object to my pipeline step (a PythonScriptTask pipeline step specifically) as an output. In my training script I then can write to this pipeline data object since the location is passed as a parameter to my script. Everything seems to work until the step completes and I try to register the PipelineData object as a dataset in my workspace.

    The code looks something like this (as described here

    pipeline_output_ds = pipeline_output.as_dataset()
    pipeline_output_ds.register("output table")

    I then refresh my workspace and go to workspace -> datasets but I dont find any dataset there. I tried playing with different parameters on my PipelineData object and checking to see if I was missing something in my call to register but no success.

    Thursday, July 23, 2020 12:26 AM