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  • Look, I am a MAC and PC user, and I'm not going to get on a soap-box here and rant about how much better one is better over the other. My main complain lies in the fact that you can not use the MSDN web site, let alone most of the other sites because it's all geared towards IE.

    I can browse the MSDN site, looking around and read stuff. But can I activate any of the links and download .iso's using FireFox on my Mac - no! and that sucks, because I should be able to use any of the major browsers, from any platform.

    To Microsoft: you are no longer the only "main" player when it comes to browsing standards, by not making the MSDN site available to multiple browsers only pisses off non-Microsoft communities even more, and increases the frustration and hatred towards IE.

    Just venting....

    - HK
    Wednesday, September 10, 2008 9:12 PM

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  • Hurk:

    Actually we do extensive testing with Firefox right along side Internet Explorer for the MSDN and TechNet sites. We track browser usage to the site and use that to determine our browser testing matrix.

    As far as downloading ISO's, I am inferring that you are an MSDN or a TechNet Subscriber (or an Expression Subscriber). You are correct that the download links are unavailable from your Mac. This is because the download manager client that currently is required to be used to download files does not work with the Mac OS, and rather then have you attempt to download the files and fail, we detect that you are on a Mac and we inactivate the link. If you are using Parallels or Bootcamp though you are recognized as a PC OS and downloads are available.

    All other site functionality should be available to you.

    For future work, we are looking at enabling downloads without a client and we are looking as Mac compatibility of the client. I don't know where these stand in the planning cycles as they are being worked on by other teams.

    If you are finding other bugs that are not the "I cannot download to my Mac", let us know!

    FYI, from the MSDN Subscriptions Downloads and Product Keys FAQ:

    Q: Does the Benefits Portal work on non-PC operating systems?

    A: Not currently. The File Transfer Manager (FTM) download client currently implemented is an ActiveX control, so this does not work on Macintosh or other non-PC operating systems.

    Q: What browsers is the Benefits Portal tested with?

    A: The Benefits Portal is tested with the following browsers:

    • Internet Explorer 6
    • Internet Explorer 7
    • Firefox

    Beta versions of Internet Explorer 8, as well as Safari browsers do not properly render the Benefits Portal site content or functionality.

    The 64-bit version of IE is not compatible with the File Transfer Manager client.

    Julie Cairn (MSFT)
    Saturday, September 20, 2008 12:12 AM