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  • I am posting to get some validation/comments/advice about In-Process Side-by-Side, or In-Proc SxS.

    I have 2 test scenarios:

    1) If I write an unmanaged C++ Win32 console program, I can get .net 4.0 CLR and .net 2.0 CLR to load into the process.

    2) If I write a managed C# .Net 4.0 console program which calls an unmanaged C++ DLL (via COM-Interop) and then the unmanaged C++ tries to load the .net 2.0 CLR, it fails.  Once I saw this behavior, I called the ICLRMetaHost->EnumerateInstalledRuntimes once I entered the unmanaged C++ code and I see that the "IsLoadable" flag is false for .net 2.0 CLR.  Initially, I was hoping to get the same behavior as test 1.

    Is there any other option other than having 2 processes to accomplish this?  Thanks in advance.

    Anthony LaMark

    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 4:59 PM

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