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    I am having the same issue with what I assume is roam search causing Outlook to hang and crash randomly.

    Injection failed. [OUTLOOK.EXE] (Access is denied.) Event id 26 Fslogix

    Also just like the same poster I can not get support to acknowledge my open case. I opened the case as suggested in the pinned thread. What can I do to get support? I have been reading even paying out of pocket people are not getting calls. Is Microsoft going to support this? If not we will have to abandon it.

    Has anyone seen this error?

    Giving the user local admin privs on the rdsh server they are loggin on did not help.

    changing the container from the office profile to the profile did not help.

    The only thing I see that is gives a hit of anything is that in the search log. 

    Some users get the icalc.exe to run like this.

     ===== Begin Session: Windows Search Mount
    [08:58:10.742][tid:00000ef4.000017b0][INFO]            Mount operation triggered for: S-1-5-21-3922560963-3632992932-2394950095-1680
    [08:58:10.743][tid:00000ef4.000017b0][INFO]            Windows Search Service status ready for mounting stage
    [08:58:10.777][tid:00000ef4.000017b0][INFO]            Found database for user "S-1-5-21-3922560963-3632992932-2394950095-1680"
    [08:58:11.146][tid:00000ef4.000017b0][INFO]            Catalog Mount operation succeeded
    [08:58:11.146][tid:00000ef4.000017b0][INFO]            Search catalog mount succeeded
    [08:58:11.146][tid:00000ef4.000017b0][INFO]           ===== End Session: Windows Search Mount

    And some get this

    01:59:38.425][tid:00000ef4.00005c7c][INFO]           ===== Begin Session: Windows Search User folder security
    [01:59:38.428][tid:00000ef4.00005c7c][INFO]            Granting user access to WSearch directory and children
    [01:59:38.428][tid:00000ef4.00005c7c][INFO]            Executing Command-line: "C:\Windows\system32\ICACLS.EXE" "C:\Users\train1\AppData\Roaming\FSLogix\WSearch" /RESET /T
    [01:59:38.588][tid:00000ef4.00005c7c][INFO]            Access grant operation succeeded.
    [01:59:38.588][tid:00000ef4.00005c7c][INFO]           ===== End Session: Windows Search User folder securit

    Should every user get the ICACLS.exe command at every logon?

    Tuesday, March 10, 2020 3:09 PM

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  • I still do not have a resolution, i suspect we may never.

    I asked the following in a email to to support.

    Please answer the following questions.

    Have you replicated this error in the lab?
    Have you had other customers reporting this error?
    Have any of the log files I sent to you for this case been investigate to find root cause?

    Their answer was

    Yes, multiple customers are facing this kind of issue, for some users, once they install the latest version of FSLogix it got resolved and for the recent case, roll back windows update helps to resolve this issue.

    Dev team reviewed the support logs and they want to investigate on procmon trace.

    My Ticket has been open for months, no bloody clue it seems.
    Good luck

    Thursday, March 12, 2020 11:48 AM
  • Welsh, can you PM me your support ticket.

    I may have found something. Set the search index to automatic (delayed).  Then reboot or restart fslogix service followed by the search index .

    Also, do you remember the order you installed?  If Office was installed before the search service was started then you need to uninstall fslogix. repair office then re install FSlogix.

    What version of office are you using?

    If anyone from Microsoft is reading, what is going on with your product and support? This is disgusting.

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    Monday, March 16, 2020 6:05 AM