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  • I have encountered a scenario where in a CICS online transaction has to be spawned from a WCF service. We need to have some work done in WCF also as part of the same unit of work. The scenario is like this
    1) A System.Transction (WS-AT) will be started that will insert some data to backend.

    2) As part of the same transaction I need to start a CICS transaction and do some work

    3) Whether the transaction was successful needs to be logged and then sent to client

    Fortunately the transaction will be created by WCF service and will be between the WCF and CICS.

    I have read an article from DINO ( that CICS can be configured to use WS-AT transaction protocol. Suppose if we enable CICS to use WS-AT then would it be possible for me to start a transaction in WCF as usual and propogate that transaction to CICS and CICS will perform some work as part of the transaction and return me a status? In other words can I promote the WCF transaction itself as a CICS online transaction just by using the transactional attributes?

    I'm new bee to CICS hence if there are some samples available in internet in this regard or if some one could send me a sample it will be greatly appreciated.

    I have read some IBM articles. They have been using .NET as a client for consuming the web service created by WebSphere. If a WebSpehere web services can create WS-AT transaction and access CICS application, then WCF application then WCF should also be able to do it.

    I'm looking for some article or code samples or a guiding document that would list the components that are to be installed on WCF server, components/settings that needs to be done in the CICS end and how to access them.

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    Venkatesh. S|MCTS(WCF, ADO.NET 3.5)|eMail:
    Sunday, February 20, 2011 4:02 AM


  • Hi All, I happen to have encountered a Link in IBM site. The same has been embeded below As per there are two components that come into place 1) CICS Transaction server 2) CICS transaction Gateway. The CICS transaction server needs to be on the z/OS platform of Mainframe. The Transaction gate way can either be in Windows box that host the WCF service or on the Z/OS box. Based on the place where it is placed there could be some changed in converting the response code pages. But for the rest of the case it could be as simple as accesing any other data source but we need to use the TG API's. There is also source code available in the article that can be used. Thanks and regards
    Venkatesh. S|MCTS(WCF, ADO.NET 3.5)|eMail:
    Monday, February 21, 2011 1:09 PM