Left outer join Dataset to LINQ to Gridview RRS feed

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    I am attempting to use LINQ to perform a left outer join on two DataSets.  When it iterate through the query it throws

    'Value cannot be null. Parameter name: row' on the first row that is non-matching.  thanks for the help.


    Dim dsCRAresources As DataSet = getCRAresources()

    Dim dsSalesGoalsValues As DataSet = getSalesGoalsValues()


    Dim Resources As DataTable = dsCRAresources.Tables(0) ' 149 rows

    Dim Goals As DataTable = dsSalesGoalsValues.Tables(0) ' 1 row


    Dim query = _

        From resource In Resources.AsEnumerable() _

        Group Join goal In Goals.AsEnumerable() _

        On Trim(resource.Field(Of String)("resourceLoginid")) Equals Trim(goal.Field(Of String)("UserLogin")) _

        Into children = Group _

        From child In children.DefaultIfEmpty() _

        Select New With { _

                                    .resourcename = resource.Field(Of String)("resourcename"), _

                                    .CheckingAccountSales = child.Field(Of Integer)("CheckingAccountSales") _



    For Each resource In query

        Dim resname = resource.resourcename

    Next ' throws exception on row 2

    Tuesday, April 29, 2008 6:57 PM