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  • I am somewhat confused about injection chaining in MEF.
    I have the following situation

    Boostrapper (Prism MEF) Imports Program using
      Prog = Container.GetExportedValue<Program>();
    in the Bootstrapper Create Shell method override

    The App.xaml.cs is:
       Bootstrapper bs = new Bootstrapper();
    where Program is:
        public class Program
            // Import the Data Model which is held in a Module in a separate Directory using a DataCatalog
            IDataModel dm { get; set; }
            public void Run()
    . .....
    And DataModel is:
        class DataModel :IDataModel
            //  This imports the DataStore it finds in the Module Library
            [Import(typeof(IDataStore))]     //  Does not seem to work but should (MEF chaining)
            public static IDataStore ds { get; set; }
    DataStore is decorated with:
        public class XMLDataStore :  IDataStore
        { .....

    Every Export is correctly in the container aand Import all work except for the import of IDataStore
    which is not satisfied.

    However if I move the Import for Datatore to the Program class just after the Import for the DataModel
    it is imported fine and I can pass it on as a parameter to a method in DataModel where it is used OK.
    What is wrong with chaining through DataModel to DataStore?

    John Meers

    Friday, November 4, 2016 6:00 PM

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