Windows Service: Interoperability with Excel 2007 RRS feed

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  • I would love some advice on my approach.

    I have a sophisticated number-crunching financial model in Excel 2007.  It's driven by an Excel 2007 VBA XLA that inserts data from SQL Server, from XML files, and runs a series of calculations using a third-party financial add-in that produces pricing and market correlations.  It's automated to run an entire investment portfolio micro-verse, meaning it refeshes teh data, calualtes the model, then stores results back in SQL Server via XML.

    I need it to run every night, and I'd like tight integration and monitoring of the process. I want it to start running every business weeknight at a certain time.  It can run for as long as5 hours. I'd like the option for the one user who uses the model to be able to kick it off anytime however, with some options.

    Could I use a Windows Service, an application in the system tray, and MSMQ as the communication layer between the Service and the system trasy application?

    I'm new to interoperabillity. I've read that Windows Services should never interact with a desktop application. That's why I thought of using an application anda service to maybe be wired to events in the MSMQ .

    Sound overly complex?  I don't want to run a simple job in Windows to start the Excel model running. I need process to watch it and capture info, and also to set it off and running, report on it's failures if any occur, and also to stop it in case it is required.

    I'm in design mode now so I've not committed to any particular solution. Would love to know what some experienced professionals have to offer.
    Saturday, December 22, 2007 11:13 PM