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  • 2 network card , each connected to diff network

    Is there anyway i can bind specific network adapter to perform active directory task ?

    Basically i wan't to get/set user's active directory status (unlock/reset password)

    - Primary adapter talks to network A  to domain A  and 2nd network adapter is set with diff subnet which talks to Domain B.

    for getting/setting user's account , i am using direct snap-in active directory if user is on domain A, but if user is on domain B, i am using vmware/xp image to connect.

    i have put code to get  and set user's account , using which i am able to reset user's account for Domain A (which use my default Nic)

    is there any way i can pro grammatically tall my app to talk through 2nd NIC , so without launching vmware i can reset AD account for Domain B. 

    Saturday, March 9, 2013 5:56 PM


  • Can you use ping to communicate with computers on domain B (from cmd.exe window) when vmware is not operating?  I think you can.  VMWARE give you the capability of using unix/ultirx commands on a windows operating system PC which the Network Operating system Layer.  the low level transport level TCP is the same on a windows PC as a Nunix/Ultirix PC.  so in theory you can build all the VMWARE commands in VS.


    Saturday, March 9, 2013 8:05 PM