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  • How to Migrate an EAI applcation, from Webshere to Biztalk 2006?

    1) Strategy

    2) BizTalk Technology/Component Mappings with source EAI Tools.

    3) Automation/Manual Migration ratio.

    3) Benchmarking


    Friday, November 3, 2006 9:26 AM

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  • I haven't attempted such a migration before, but it's very likely you'll be looking at a close to full migration. Some things might be able to mitigate this in part:

    If you have XML based communications, then you'll likely be able to reuse schemas by importing them into biztalk.

    If you are using webservices, chances are you'll be able to reuse some of the existing services and call those from biztalk, as well as expose your own orchestrations from biztalk as WS that use a contract like (or very close to) one of the ones you had before.

    If Websphere can export processes as BPEL, then you might want to at least try to import those into Biztalk Orchestrations using the BPEL import wizard. It's worth a shot.
    Friday, November 3, 2006 1:06 PM
  • Thanks for your reply,
    What you are saying is right. This is a kind of 100% migration from Non-Microsoft to Microsoft technologies. Only IBM MQSeries will be used for messaging. Because it has more scalability/availability as compare to MSMQ.

    Migration Approach/Road map
    STEP 1: we will have first find the complete list of artifacts in Websphere.

    STEP 2: we will have check the artifacts which can be migrated directly, like those which are based on industry standards as you said, like XML Schemas, Orchestrations (BPEL) etc.
    we can develop some tool which can achieve this migration.

    STEP 3: we will have migrate the Java code/components used in the Websphere Orchestrations to C# components in BizTalk.

    STEP 4: For rest of the objects we will have to find the similar artifacts in BizTalk, we will have to do manual migration (total re-engineering) in this case.

    STEP 5: If required, we will have to migrate web services in C#/.Net, Because, it will little bit difficult to integrate/maintain web services in Java with BizTalk. (Java to C# migration is very easy, and there are lot of tools available in market)


    Saturday, November 4, 2006 7:46 PM