Failing to acquire frames occasionally. Freezing over night as well. Problems in release mode, not in debug mode... RRS feed

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  • Hey guys, I'm having a problem with the kinect freezing overnight, I suspect it has to do with the kinect acquiring the latest frame occasionally. I set a bunch of debug outputs to narrow down where the problem is happening, at depthframereader -> acquirelatestframe(depthframe). I suspect this has to do with how often I'm polling the kinect, because if I change the waitkey, the ratio of success to failure changes. Even with tons of failures, our application is working perfectly fine, it's just leaving when the kinect is on over night, it freezes (even though kinect studio is running perfectly fine still) and just scrolls a bunch of my debug messages for the depth frame.

    Now the really strange thing is, this only happens when visual studio is running in release mode. In debug mode none of this happens. No failures at acquiring frames and no overnight freezes.

    Any ideas?
    Tuesday, June 7, 2016 10:39 PM

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  • Have you solved this?

    I doubt its the frequency of getting frames, since polling usually gives you the latest frame , so when it doesn't have one either it gives you the previous or nothing.

    When the application freezes, does the whole application freeze or just the feed from the camera? Is the UI of the application responsive?

    If I were you, I'd also check out the following things:

    1) System switches to a power conserving profile

    2) Memory Profiling, if it happens at nights it might be because that's some hours apart from the application start. Meaning it could be a problem with too much memory being allocated and maxing out mem usage. Or maybe its another process.

    3) Sensor is not cooled properly and it's very easy for it to get very hot. Especially if its in a box or some kind of kiosk without good cooling.

    Tuesday, June 28, 2016 8:55 AM